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Tom Hiddleston

Let me introduce you. Guys, this is Thomas William Hiddleston. A very talented English actor who’s mostly known for his role of Loki, Thor’s misunderstood adopted brother. But let’s just call him Tom. Anyway, this is the story of how and why I started liking this incredible man.

Let me take you back to 2008 —a little before Iron Man was released— I watched the movie Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang one afternoon and fell in love with Robert Downey Jr. and been his devoted fan since then. But this is not about Rob, is it?. Thanks to that small moment in my life and brand new “favorite actor” I went to see Iron Man to the movies —and every RDJ movie premiered since then—. I’m more of a DC girl, a huge Superman fan and loved Batman’s trilogy. But if it wasn’t for RDJ, probably I wouldn’t be all that into Marvel now (aside from X-men and Wolverine, I love them). I went to see Hulk because in my humble opinion Edward Norton is one of the most talented actors of this time, but other than that, I wasn’t really interested on Spiderman, Thor or Captain America at all. Which is weird because I really like Superheroes movies and stuff like that (I’m the younger in the family, two brothers, I was literally raised as a boy too) but hearing girls saying how gorgeous Thor was and how unbelievably sexy Captain America was, annoyed the hell out of me. And that’s how I missed watching Thor for the wrong reason.

And here comes the part of why it was important for me to mention my love for Robert Downey Jr. The Avengers. Of course I was excited to see that movie, one of my two favorite actors —Ewan McGregor‘s the other— was playing the role that gave him back his successful career, AGAIN. And don’t get me wrong, but I went to the movies focused on Robert and how good Mark Ruffalo could play the Hulk. I was pleased with both, Robert was brilliant as always and Mark really surprised me and now I think I might like him better as Bruce Banner (I just said might, not saying I do).

But let’s not miss our point. The moment I stepped into the movies I was introduced to this new person. A really tall, black haired and skinny guy, I was told he was the bad guy (remember how I missed Thor?) I knew nothing yet about Loki, but of course I hated him for being the bad guy. I loved the movie and told myself I would watch it again and again in the future but I had to watch Thor before. So I did.

The moment I watched it I blamed myself and my stupidity that made me miss it when it was new. Now, I kind of understood Loki. Being the youngest —not minding being the only girl— when you’re shadowed by a brother it can make you a resentful sod. I didn’t make a big deal about Loki though, I just kind of understood him.

My girly side made me swoon by the love story between Thor and Natalie Portman (Sorry, I’ve already watched the movie twice and can’t remember her name). And my girly side kinda took over my boy-ish love for Superheroes and I kinda missed what was really important: The talent in the cast.

I don’t remember how, why or when I stumbled upon Tom’s twitter account, I don’t always follow celebrities on my personal account (unless I really really like them) but there was something about his tweets that caught my eye. Perfect spelling, perfect grammar (I know mine isn’t perfect, but HEY, I’m Mexican and speak Spanish) and I respect this language enough to appreciate when someone uses it correctly. Ok, that caught my eye, but what really caught my attention were his “Song of the day” tweets. If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m some sort of melomaniac so I really liked his tweets about music and gave him a follow. Before I even noticed, I was captivated by this guy’s tweets. He seemed so smart and interesting. I knew nothing about him and I had only watched two of his movies in which he played the same character, but I was really liking him outside his character. I was really liking Tom, the guy that made those tweets.

These are a couple of tweets I personally liked. The Gladiator quote made me follow him, well done Tom. The Who, nice choice for a road trip. His thoughts on babies? Are you real? This man was perfect, like, seriously perfect. But like I said, I knew nothing more about him than the fact that he seemed to be really smart and interesting —the kind of guy that will never be anywhere near of where I live—. Then on Facebook a friend posted a picture of the movie The Deep Blue Sea and I was like “Hey, that’s Tom… that’s Loki, I have to watch it” and so I did.

I loved him, I didn’t quite love the movie.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it is a bad one, because it’s not, it’s really good. I’m the kind of girl that’s been down because of a man, because a man’s stupidity and felt like dying —but of course, I was only nineteen— and got up and continued living, got stronger and my skin got thicker. Now I can’t stand a woman that cries a lot and feels like dying because of a man (or for any reason, there’s really not a real good reason to be such a drama). I think it’s a woman that has no self-value at all. So, I don’t like watching movies with women like these. Rachel Weisz did a great job though, I got to seriously hate her. And there goes Tom. There was this bit where he’s resting in a couch telling her all about his day, when he realizes he forgot her birthday, that moment. He has this big blue expressive eyes, he doesn’t need to talk at all, you can see everything through those eyes. And well, that really tiny moment made me like him (I don’t really know why). And I have this peculiar way of recognizing a good actor. Crying. Make someone believe you’re really crying, that you’re really feeling it, it’s really hard. If an actor cries and I believe him (I think is harder for them) I immediately think he’s a good actor. Tom didn’t cry a river, no, he just had watery eyes, but I’m telling you, there’s something in his eyes that makes you believe anything.

I was so happy to finally see him out of his character of Loki, being someone else, someone completely different and being good at it. One boring night I decided to watch some youtube videos of him and I started learning a little bit more about this actor that was earning my respect and admiration without me even noticing. There were two specific videos that I liked.

I liked this one because I learned the tiny fact that he’s naturally blonde. Also, because when he was asked what video game he played while growing up he answered that he played the real only video game I’ve ever been good at: Mario Kart. And then something hit me. How could we both play the same video game when we were growing up?. Somewhere in my mind, I seriously thought Tom was a lot older than me. As soon as this interview ended, I ran to the place where the answers to everything are at… Wikipedia. He was born on February 9th of 1981, making him only four years older than me. I don’t think he looks older, I think the maturity on his tweets and the fact that he was the love interest of a 42 year old actress in a movie confused me about his age.  Also, my really fast research on Wikipedia told me he was in fact a smart talented man (impressive alma mater).

This was the second video I watched. Remember how I rambled about being some sort of melomaniac? Music is really important to me, I’ve always thought that you can tell a lot about a man by just looking through his iPod, so I’m glad I stumbled upon this interview. “What’s on your iPod?” “Everything”. Best answer ever. I know Tom is a person I certainly will never meet and he will never know I exist —I’m not the kind of fan that lives a fantasy— but I like it when an actor/artist I like have something in common with me, because then I like the person —what is public only— and not only the fictional character he’s playing. And every time someone asks me what I have on my own iPod I always say “Everything” because I go all the way from Frank Sinatra to Katy Perry. The bands he mentioned? They’re on my iPod. “What’s the strangest thing on your iPod?” “Shakira?”. Then, he got me. My favorite bands are The Beatles, Linkin Park, The Doors and Nirvana (that I’m really a fan of, I listen to a lot more). My favorite solo artists are Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Alanis Morissette, etc. But I’ve always made clear Shakira is my favorite female singer. I’m a —like I pointed out before— Spanish speaker and I grew up with her music, when it was actually good. Liking the kind of bands I like and the kind of music I listen to, people always give me a weird look when I say I like Shakira. This is the first time I actually hear an artist mention her, ever. I loved it. And yes Tom, hips NEVER lie.

It was nice to finally know a bit more about Tom, I was really liking him. But then I thought I should watch Thor again and pay more attention to him, to his acting. So, I did.

Now for me the movie Thor was the movie “Loki”. This scene in particular showed me once again how expressive his eyes are and how he shows true feelings, how convincing he is. You can feel he’s confused and angry and mostly hurt. Also, his voice, he has this really calmed low voice. “No. You took me for a purpose. What was it?… [completely serene, awaiting an answer]… TELL ME” and hell goes lose, both his voice and expressions changed in a second. Loved it. I personally wanted to go and hug Loki in that moment. It was so good that it made Anthony Hopkins‘ fainting look fake, and c’mon, it’s Mr. Hopkins. I just can’t find any more words to express what I see when I see him acting, my English knowledge is not enough or I’m not good at explaining myself. Even though I can’t tell what is it exactly, but he’s in my opinion, a great actor.

Today I finally saw the movie War Horse —yes, from now on I’ll be watching every movie he makes— and the same happened. I loved his acting. In every movie I’ve found a moment, in War Horse was this one.

And you’d ask… a moment of what?. I don’t know, a moment where his face does something that makes me believe what he’s trying to portray. Do I explain myself or I’m making no sense?. Fear. The realization of an unplanned event. Resignation. Look at those eyes.

As you may have noticed by now, I haven’t made any opinion about his physical appearance —more than my fixation with his eyes— and it’s not because I don’t find him attractive, it’s because I liked him before I liked his looks. Which is kind of weird now that I put it into words. It sounds like a boy I just met and found him so incredibly interesting and smart that I started liking him and eventually found him attractive. But that’s how it really happened. Now for me, he’s even better looking than Thor or Captain America which almost all girls say they’re oh-so-hot. I think I’ll like him for a long time, you know? I always have crushes with actors that I forget after a while, but some of them lasts —the talented ones—, like Ewan McGregor, I’ve liked him for twelve years. Robert Downey Jr. for four years. I think Tom will last too, because it wasn’t his looks what made me like him, it was his talent and his personality. I seriously can’t wait to watch more of his movies.

On a side note. The only thing I don’t like it’s his fanbase. It looks like most of them only like him for Loki —which is understandable— or because he’s so incredibly handsome —which he is— but for some reason, I find those girls incredibly annoying. I’ve never liked reading someone expressing themselves about an artist I like with the words “He’s so hot”. I seriously hate it. When someone states that someone’s hot, it’s like all that matters are their look, like, it doesn’t matter what a great actor he is. Then when girls like me like an actor for their talent sounds fake and one of the bunch. But hey, some of us girls like them for our brains not our hormones.  Remember at the beginning how I rambled about not watching Thor or Captain America because I heard every girl around saying they were so hot?. For me, when someone say an actor is hot I immediately think they’re pretty airheads as talented as a can of beans, that’s why I hate that expression.

For example, all over tumblr they say “Tom sits like a whore” because he sits with his legs apart. Like, seriously?. I would have never noticed that. I also saw a compilation video with clips centered on his crotch. I was disgusted. I wish he had fans a little bit as mature as he is. But other than that, I’m really enjoying the fact that I finally discovered such an amazing actor. I’ll continue fixating on his eyes while annoying teenagers fixate on something waaay lower than that. If you haven’t seen any of his movies, I totally recommend them to you, he’s a keeper.


  1. Yes, Tom is hot. Yes, Tom is beautiful. (And yes, I like how he sits).

    Buuuut, it’s the INNER qualities that make him shine. His humour, his talent, his intelligence, the fact that he is oh so nice to people is what makes me love him so much!

    Ps don’t underestimate all the Hiddlestoners. Some fangirls are unrealistic and awfully brash on twitter, but think about Hiddlestoners Have Heart and Project Wendy. I for one sent him a mixed CD just so he could enjoy new music.

    Plus, he has inspired me to try harder in school.

    • Thanks for letting me know that.
      I’m glad to see not all girls like him for shallow reasons. He’s brilliant, funny and kind, like you said, those are the real important things.
      I loved your comment.

      • I’ve just seen your reply months later. I’m glad you liked my comment. Ps you’re totally forgiven. And I’m following as a legit blog.

      • Aw, thanks!:
        I made a more recent post dedicated to him too 😀

    • PS: I’m sorry for being so general about ALL Hiddlestoners, with time I’ve got to meet really interesting and mature people thanks to Tom.

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